Pokemon Battle Figures are a fun way to collect and display your favorite Pokemon characters. They’re scaled to size and often have deluxe action moves such as Blastoise’s fireable blast cannons or Ash’s Pikachu throwing action!

These figures can be found in a variety of forms, including as part of a set or a single character. Some of the Pokemon figures are static while others can be posed in different ways, such as with a stand or in a standing pose.

A few of the figures are even interactive and can respond to your touch with lights, sounds, and movements. This is especially true of the Flame & Flight Deluxe Charizard, which can respond to 30 different light, sound, and movement combinations when it flies!

Battle Figures are available in both twin and single packs, ranging from the smaller 2′′ and 2.5′′ figures to larger 12-inch Legendary Pokemon. These are ideal for collectors who want a full selection of their favorite Pokemon in the same scale and who don’t mind paying more for the bigger figures.

There are also 3-inch Battle Figures, which are a bit larger than the 2-inch figures and allow you to position them however you wish. This is a great option for collectors who don’t need the figures to be in a standing or posing position and who just want to enjoy their collection on a shelf or as a display piece.

Most of these figures have a set of data disks that spin when the figure’s movement points (MP) are used during a player’s turn, and each one has an Attack color and number of stars. The Attack color is determined by the Pokemon’s Data Disk, and the higher number of stars represents a successful attack. Blue Attacks defeat every other color, while Gold attacks defeat Purple and White Attacks.

In addition to attacking, Pokemon figures may use other actions such as inflicting special conditions on their opponents or allowing the player to move their opponent’s Pokemon out of the way, which is called a surround. Surrounding an opponent’s Pokemon prevents it from battling until the end of its next turn.

Dueling is an important part of the game, and players often play multiple duels in a row to win prizes and gain experience for their decks. The game takes place on a field made up of 26 points (and two goals). Trainers take turns moving their Pokemon around the board and battling other players’ Pokemon.

Each player begins with a starting deck of six Pokemon Figures and up to six Plates. Plates are similar to items in other Pokemon video games, and they can help you inflict damage, heal a Pokemon’s special conditions, or reduce the MP of certain Pokemon.

Some Plates are very expensive, and players may decide to only run a few of them in their deck. This can help them conserve their resources and keep their cards fresh, while still being able to play with all the most powerful Pokémon.

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