A TV lift cabinet is a special piece of furniture that hides your flat panel television behind a flush wall panel when not in use. When you push a button on your remote control, the TV quietly rises out of the cabinet and is at the perfect height for viewing. While there are many different types of TV lift cabinets available, they all perform the same basic function. Some operate on guide rails while others employ belts and grooves. Some even have the ability to swivel or rotate as needed.

While they may be a bit expensive to purchase and install, pop up TV cabinets are becoming more and more popular in homes around the world. This type of high-tech furniture is designed to give you a lot more space in your living room, bedroom or home entertainment room without sacrificing any aesthetics.

When not in use, the TV is hidden in a piece of custom furniture or cabinetry that blends seamlessly into your decor. There are a variety of styles and finishes to choose from so you can find the one that best suits your taste and d├ęcor. This type of cabinet also keeps your television safe from dust, debris and other potential damage, and can prevent kids from accidentally knocking it over.

We were recently asked to help a home owner in Wisconsin who was looking for a way to hide his 42″ TV behind his existing cabinet. He wanted to keep his rustic wood cabinet but was tired of looking at the TV on the wall and blocking his window view. After some research, we found a TV lIft system that would allow him to mount his new flat panel in the back of the cabinet. The mounting bars have screw holes and hanging hooks at several different height positions so you can fine-tune the position of the TV in the retracted (hidden) or raised (visible) position.

You will also want to make sure that the TV lift you choose has a sufficient stroke to raise your TV completely out of the cabinet. The majority of TV lifts have a maximum load capacity, so it is important to determine the weight of your TV before making any decisions about which one to buy. In general, you will want a lifting mechanism that has at least a 50% higher weight capacity than your TV.

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