real estate video Christchurch is an immersive way to showcase properties. It leaves a lasting impression on homebuyers and increases interest in a listing. It also helps prospective buyers connect with a property emotionally, which can speed up the decision-making process.

Police have stepped up their search for missing Christchurch real estate agent Yanfei Bao. They are focusing on the Halswell and Greenpark areas.

Brooksfield Properties

Unlike most developers in Christchurch, Brooksfield builds English heritage-style properties. They also tend to cost more than other townhouses.

The company has a reputation for attracting discerning investors. It even made headlines last year when it offered to pay buyers’ mortgages for a year. However, these properties aren’t for everyone. They aren’t suitable for all markets, and the unique design may not increase capital growth.

The founders of the company, Vincent Holloway and Oliver Hickman, have travelled overseas and were inspired by their experiences. They believe the design of their properties can add value to New Zealand homes. This is especially true for the heritage collection, which features weatherboard facades and period detailing. But is it worth paying more for a Brooksfield property?

Brooksfield’s designs are often influenced by England’s Georgian architecture, a symmetrical style from the 18th century. The company’s buildings feature ornate trim and architraves, paired chimneys, slate roofs, and a mix of windows including arched and rectangular ones.

While the exterior of Brooksfield’s houses is beautiful, their interiors aren’t always as functional as other New Zealand homes. For example, their floor plans often include a hallway between the lounge and kitchen-dining spaces. This design is typical of London homes and provides tenants with two separate living spaces. In addition, these layouts can increase energy costs.

Brooksfield Developers

Brooksfield Developers build properties that stand out from the rest. They are known for their English heritage-style properties and often have a weatherboard facade, which is unique in the Christchurch market. They also offer some different floor plans than other developers in Christchurch. However, are they a good investment?

Brookfield co-founder Vinny Holloway wants to fill Christchurch with his company’s historic designs. His latest project in Fendalton is a Georgian five-bay house on Glandovey Rd. It’s only about 1km from a Z-shaped mega mansion built recently by Pak’nSave owner Marcel Gray, but the Holloway home will look more like the setting of a BBC period drama than an inner city suburb.

It’s a smaller version of a home designed by Heathcote Helmore, a prominent Canterbury architect of the first half of the 20th century. It cost around $3 million to build.

Holloway and business partner Oliver Hickman have been focusing on building heritage-style townhouses since they formed their company in 2020. They’re not afraid of taking risks to make their developments stand out. They’ve even tried adding heritage details to modern kitchens and bathrooms.

They’re hoping that their new offer will entice buyers to Christchurch, where the housing market is cooling after a record peak last year. They’re offering to pay a buyer’s mortgage for a year if they buy a Brooksfield townhouse by the end of October. The only catch is that the buyer must move to Christchurch from elsewhere in New Zealand or the world.

Brooksfield Townhouses

Brooksfield builds townhouses with a heritage, weatherboard facade that stand out from the other New Build townhouses in Christchurch. The developers’ unique style is beautiful, but is it the right fit for property investors? We spoke to Brooksfield director Vincent Holloway about the pros and cons of their properties.

He says that they’re different from other Christchurch developers because they make an effort to keep the heritage look while incorporating modern amenities like uPVC double glazing. They also try to keep the proportions of their homes consistent by making small changes to things like skirting board heights and architrave widths compared to door size.

Their floor plans are also different, with most having an open-plan living area with the kitchen, dining, and lounge all in one room. This makes them more spacious than many other townhouses on the market. Holloway believes that this makes them a good option for first home buyers who want to live in the heart of the city.

In an attempt to boost sales in the cooling housing market, Brooksfield has offered to pay a year’s mortgage for anyone who moves into their homes by the end of October. The offer applies to buyers from around the country and overseas, but it does exclude people who already have a home in Christchurch. It’s a risky move, but it might work.

Brooksfield Property Prices

Brooksfield’s properties stand out from the crowd – at least visually. Their designs are unique in Christchurch, as they tend to look like English townhouses with a weatherboard facade. They also build fewer properties in each development, meaning they have a smaller footprint than other developers.

This makes them a good choice for investors looking for something different. However, their price point is a little higher than other developers, so they may not be a great fit for first home buyers. This is why they often focus on higher-priced properties with 3 or more bedrooms.

A couple of weeks ago, the company announced a new offer that would pay the mortgages of anyone who moves to Christchurch and buys one of their homes. It’s part of a campaign to repopulate the city.

The offer comes as the city council considers new density rules for Christchurch. Residents who gave feedback on the proposal said that the changes could have unforeseen consequences, including loss of trees in streets and a reduced sunlight position for single-level houses next to three-story buildings.

The new density rules will allow for up to six stories of apartments on the same site as a single-story house. But some residents are worried that this will result in more traffic and noise, especially for people who live near the city centre.

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