Runner rugs are long mats that run down hallways, walkways, aisles or other paths in a facility. They serve multiple purposes including adding safety and traction, preventing fire and minimizing static electricity. Runner matting also offers visibility and helps guide visitors or employees throughout your facility.

The Passages observer as much traffic as expressways in LA. Fortunately, there are mats that explicitly intended for shielding your rug or ground surface from getting street rash. Sprinter mats are rectangular and long so you can lay in a space with a ton of traffic. Not just these mats help in safeguarding your floor from tear and wear and yet, their plan massively affects a limited space. Trust everybody has loved the article. Go ahead and share your perspectives in the remark area.

Runners are available in a variety of colors, each with their own unique attributes. Blue shades for example are linked to health and tranquility making them ideal for rooms or areas that require a calming presence. Grey on the other hand, offers a professional and sophisticated appearance. Another popular option is our Pro Tect Runner that features wide ribs to improve the traction on rubber floors, reducing slippage and accidents. This particular product is also a great choice because it’s made from ECO-FI, a material that uses recycled plastic PET bottles. runner rugs

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