Whether you’re an RV veteran or new to the sport, there’s a lot of stuff out there to make your camping experience better. But which items are essential — and which ones can you do without? We asked our fellow RVers for the products that they think every camper or fifth wheel owner should have. From a bedside shelf organizer to a zero-gravity chair, these accessories and gadgets are the best way to keep your rig organized, comfortable, and safe on the road.

A backup camera helps you see what’s behind your RV, making backing into campsites and changing lanes on the highway much easier. And it’s a great safety feature to have if you’re towing a vehicle, too. We recommend this model from DoHonest, which has plenty of bells and whistles to take your RVing adventures to the next level.

Some campgrounds don’t have cable-TV hookups, so a coaxial cable is a must-have RV accessory for those who want to watch their favorite shows. Plus, it extends your TV’s reach to other campsites in case you want to switch locations during your trip.

For the vertically challenged, a foldable step stool is an RV essential that lets you reach higher cabinets and other hard-to-reach spots. You can also use it to dry off your bathing suits after a day in the pool or to grab a book from your bedside table. For those who work on the road, a lap desk is an RV accessory that can make working in your RV so much more comfortable. Gimify’s telescoping ladder is especially helpful since it shrinks down to 33 inches when not in use, and its triangle stabilizers prevent twisting that can occur with other similar-sized ladders. rv accessories

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