Like any other business, starting a beauty salon involves careful planning and implementation. Having enough capital is not a guarantee that the business will prosper as it also involves good leadership management, strategic location of the business, reliable salon equipment and furniture and dependable and skillful beauty consultants and staff that will produce a satisfactory work that even the plain and simple-looking person will be satisfied of the reflection from the mirror.

Before starting your own beauty parlor, you have to make sure that your establishment is equipped with the most up-to-date apparatus from electric hair-curling machine to steamers that will answer every need of the customers. Having a background with some of the apparatus that beauty parlors have nowadays is an edge over others as women, generally are not afraid to be the first to test such equipment because it is something that they can be proud of and even brag about especially to those who belong to the high society. What are some of these machines involved in beauty salon operation that women spend thousands of dollars with?

Microdermabrasion apparatus is primarily composed of a vacuum pressure and mechanic exfoliation medium. The procedure, which is basically non-surgical and non-invasive removal of the topmost layer of dead skin of the face, neck and body, works to reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure and aging, wrinkles, acne scars and the likes for a finer and even skin texture. The machine mainly comes in three types namely, diamond tip, bristle tip and crystal tip.

Hot and cold facial steamer on the other hand is a machine that releases hot or cold mist depending upon the preference of the client, that works together to revitalize the skin by improving its resilience and elasticity and removing dullness thereby resulting to a clearer skin. Since it is dual-functioning, the cold treatment diffuses superfine cool mist on the area of treatment once it has become overheated thus providing a cooling and soothing relief.

Considered very important but disregarded by many salon owners, a sanitizing machine is used to destroy and kill microorganisms that may cause diseases which can be transmitted through the use of accessories such as nail clippers, scissors, towels and other garments contaminated with sweat, saliva and even blood from infected persons. Washing such kits and garments alone is not sufficient as some pathogens are not ordinarily eliminated by ordinary procedure using ordinary detergent soaps or solution. Thus it is imperative that autoclave machines or steamers are made pre-requisites for the issuance of permits to operate by all salons and strict adherence to health standards must be strictly implemented and monitored.

Whether you are directly involved in the operation of a beauty resort, or just an ordinary patron needing some rejuvenation or beauty enhancement procedure, seeing some of the basic equipment in their functional state will likely produce a good impression that you are in the right place. Équipements de pédicure

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