Divorce is one of the most stressful and expensive times in a person’s life. When a couple decides to end their marriage, they must divide assets and debt, determine child custody arrangements, and work out spousal support terms. The help of a qualified family lawyer is essential. A good divorce lawyer should be able to resolve these issues and put their clients in the best position to move forward with their lives.

When selecting a divorce lawyer, it’s important to find one who matches your approach to the case and with whom you feel a comfort level. Some attorneys may take a collaborative approach to the divorce process and try to settle matters without court proceedings, while others are more aggressive litigators. You should also consider how your attorney charges for his or her services. Some attorneys bill by the hour while others charge a flat fee for their services.

A divorce can involve complex legal issues, such as determining whether or not a spouse is entitled to financial support (known as alimony or maintenance). A seasoned family lawyer will be able to advise their client on the proper amount of support that should be paid and how it should be calculated.

Some states use a formula to determine alimony, while others leave it up to the judge’s discretion. In either event, a qualified family law attorney can provide expert assistance and help the client reach a satisfactory settlement. Scheidungsanwalt Hattingen

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