For those of you who are unaware, star bucwild is one of the most controversial radio personalities to ever grace the airwaves. He is known for being extremely foul mouthed and for a lack of filter when it comes to speaking about any topic that may come up on his show. He has been the source of several high profile feuds including on air battles with fellow radio personalities and has even been threatened with legal action by a few individuals over his on-air behavior.

Despite the constant drama Star’s popularity has not waned and he continues to dominate his New York City market as well as national radio syndicated shows. His unique approach to radio and abrasive style have made him a fan favorite and he has managed to create an independent brand which spans many different platforms.

He has a huge following on the internet and recently a petition has been passed around calling for him to be fired from Hot 97 by the company that owns the station Emmis. In an interview with Nadeska Alexis and DJ Akademiks on their podcast “Everyday Struggle”, Star discussed his past as an actual street pimp, how he went to war with a Dominican chick armed with a handgun and got sprayed up, his cocaine and mescaline fueled days, why he hates Miss Jones (who he has a long history with), why he has no issue with Big Tigger, how he used to roast callers on the air and hang up the phone and why he still does it on youtube, his love for DJ Vlad, what his hatred is really about, how he doesn’t know who the fuck Just Blaze is and so much more.

If you are a fan of Hip Hop and haven’t checked out this podcast then I highly recommend it. Star is an amazing storyteller and is very entertaining to listen too. Whether it be discussing his crazy life stories or talking about some of the most iconic Hip Hop figures of all time it is always good for a laugh. The next episode of Everyday Struggle drops March 24th so make sure to subscribe to their youtube channel and follow them on social media.

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