Whether your video production is an explainer video for a new product or a promotional film, a professional voice over can make all the difference in how your audience perceives you. While many people think that they can do a good job themselves, recording a voice over requires more than just a nice voice and a quiet room. Recording a VO requires expert knowledge of sound engineering, audio software and studio equipment that only a seasoned voice actor can bring to the table.

Besides lending their voices to videos, professional voice over services also offer a range of other translation and transcreation services. They can provide subtitle translation, audiobook transcription and even a full suite of localisation and transcreation services for a complete end-to-end experience.

A professional voice over service is a great option for businesses looking to save money and time, as well as get quality results from a dedicated, experienced team. Unlike using friends or family members who may not be experts at recording and editing, a professional voice-over company can use sophisticated equipment to quickly and accurately produce high-quality recordings.

A skilled voice actor can evoke emotion in the listener, which helps to create an emotional connection with the brand and its products. This instills trust and can lead to brand loyalty. In a world where customer service is often seen as a pain point, brands can make their customers’ experiences more enjoyable by providing meaningful human connections via customized voice overs.

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