Keeping your team engaged can be difficult without the right internal communications tools. Employee communication apps help you relay updates quickly, so employees don’t feel lost or disconnected.

Look for a tool that supports your teams’ mobile devices and provides granular settings to filter chats by individuals or custom groups. Some have features like reminders and news feeds to automate notifications related to shifts, meetings, or company announcements.


Slack is a communication app that brings together people, conversations, and apps in one virtual place. Its centralized spaces and automated tools help teams communicate and collaborate efficiently. Its unified messaging capabilities include channels, built-in file uploads, voice and video calls, and integrations with industry-leading business applications.

It also allows users to stay on the same page and focus without distraction. Its user-friendly interface includes a variety of customization options, including pinning messages, changing statuses, and customizing alerts. Its mobile apps are designed to be easy on the eyes and work well with screen reading and magnification tools.

Slack also includes a customizable slash command that allows you to search for specific files, posts, and more. Additionally, you can create a do-not-disturb schedule for focused work. The free version of Slack offers unlimited searches and basic file storage, but the Plus edition removes limits on searchable messages, apps and integrations, and video calling. It also adds guest and external collaborator support and enables workspace administrators to set compliance export policies.


Fuze is a cloud-based communications platform that empowers the modern workforce. It offers a suite of tools that simplify business voice communications, flexible video conferencing, and always-on collaboration. Fuze also provides analytics to drive productivity and customer satisfaction.

Designed for the global enterprise, this cloud-based communications platform delivers a complete solution that integrates real-time business voice, HD video conferencing, and modern messaging. It can be used by teams, departments, and the entire workforce. It supports various devices and platforms, including PBX, softphones, and mobile phones.

The software allows users to connect with multiple meeting solutions, including Zoom, Cisco Webex, RingCentral Office, and GoogleMeeting. Its new one-click to join feature streamlines the meetings experience and reduces friction between different platforms. In addition, the company’s expanded Microsoft Teams integration makes it easy for customers to manage their calls, schedules, and contacts on one platform. Moreover, the platform provides analytics to identify patterns and trends in customer interactions.


Chanty is a team communication tool that offers users a range of features to help them improve productivity and collaboration. This includes group and private chats, video calls, screen sharing, and a project management feature. It also helps businesses delegate tasks and manage workflow. Its free version is a good option for small teams, while its business plan offers more advanced features.

Chanty’s Teambook hub organizes all your conversations, pinned messages, and files into one place. It also includes a built-in task management feature that lets you create and assign tasks, as well as set their status and priority. It’s also easy to share and view documents using Chanty’s wiki-like platform.

Use workflows to define a structure for your internal conversations and keep them organized. Use @ mentions to highlight specific teammates or groups so they can easily access information. You can also use threads to conduct deep dives into a particular topic without cluttering your channel with irrelevant messages.


A Microsoft Gold + Managed Certified Partner, Sociabble focuses on employee advocacy and enables organizations to safely upload, share, and engage with company-created videos. Its enterprise-class media library synchronizes with a global document repository, making it easy to find and share content with anyone in the organization. It also supports multiple languages and has a responsive design for both mobile devices and full monitors.

Sociabble has a robust set of features that support employee advocacy, including social media monitoring, content curation, moderation, and gamification. It also provides analytics and reporting for employee engagement metrics. According to G2 Crowd, Sociabble is a leading player in the employee advocacy space.

The platform integrates with Microsoft Teams and is simple to use, with a main tab that offers all Sociabble functionality. The solution is used by employees in a wide range of industries, including companies such as Toshiba, L’Oreal, and Mazars Group. Its users report that it helps increase brand awareness and generates leads.

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