Nusa Penida is a big island. Staying for a day tour is not enough to see all that this island has to offer.

Renting a motorbike is the best way to explore the island. It is cheaper and faster than a taxi. Also, you can choose your own itinerary.

Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach

Probably Nusa Penida’s number one attraction, this amazing little cove has to be seen to believe. The best time to visit is during the dry season (April to September) and at low tide – check out tidal tables here and here. It’s also a good idea to come early as the place gets busy quickly, especially during high season.

You can reach Angel’s Billabong by car, but I recommend taking a nusa penida tour which includes everything – lunch and a local tour guide. This way, you can relax and leave the driving to someone else!

The next beach you’ll want to see is Broken Beach, known locally as Pasih Uug. This incredible little cove is formed in the rocks with a mesmerizing archway that allows water to flow in and out of the sea.

A short walk from the Broken Beach is a small cliff overlooking the ocean where you can watch the manta rays hunt for fish. This is best at low tide but you can still enjoy this view even if the sea is rough.

I recommend you visit all the places mentioned in this blog post if you have the chance. The beaches, landscapes and cliffs are simply breathtaking! If you can’t afford to stay in a homestay, I would recommend you stay on the nearby islands of Lembongan and Ceningan, which are much cheaper but also just as beautiful.

Kelingking Beach

Known as the T-Rex Beach, Kelingking is one of Nusa Penida’s most iconic spots. The curved cliff looks like the spine of a dinosaur, and when you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why it’s so popular.

It’s not hard to find a tour that takes you here on your trip to Nusa Penida, though make sure the tour gives you plenty of time to walk down the cliff. When you get to the main viewpoint, you’ll be able to admire the incredible view of the T-Rex cliff, the turquoise water below, and the secluded beach on the bottom.

There are plenty of warungs here, so you’ll be able to grab food and drink before making the hike down to the beach. It’s important to note that the path down is pretty steep, and the drop-offs are quite dangerous. You’ll also want to be careful of the sun, so bring sunscreen and a hat.

The views from Kelingking are stunning, but you can also check out the nearby Paluang Cliff for even better photos. It’s not as popular as Kelingking, so you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and quiet here and take in the views without the crowds. Plus, there are a couple of epic swimming holes here too!

Diamond Beach

Many of the tours that visit the west side of Nusa Penida will skip Diamond Beach in order to save time. However, if you have the time, this is an incredible beach that deserves to be seen! It is a little off the main path of day trippers, which makes it a perfect place to relax and soak up the scenery.

This spot is also famous for its treehouse, which is a great spot to get some pictures and catch the sunrise. The beach is a bit rough to walk on, but it’s still worth the effort. The water is a gorgeous blue, and the cliff viewpoints are breathtaking.

If you’re lucky, you might see some wildlife at this beach as well — from monitor lizards to dolphins and manta rays! This is a fantastic spot to go snorkeling or diving. The coral is world-class, and it’s a great place to see turtles as well!

Lastly, you’ll want to check out the lava rock formations in the center of the island. These rocks look like the hills from the Teletubbies kids show, and they’re a beautiful green color after rainy season. They are a must-see for anyone visiting the island. If you don’t have a tour that stops here, you can rent a scooter at the port and explore on your own!

Tembeling Beach

Located on the southern side of Nusa Penida, Tembeling Beach is one of the island’s best-kept secrets. The cliff-side location offers spectacular views of the jungle-covered shoreline and tidal pools below. The rocky shoreline provides for some pretty cool photo opportunities, too. The only downside is that the waves here are too big to swim safely and can create dangerous currents. Despite that, the beach is worth a visit to at least walk around.

From here, head south towards Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach. The road gets crowded with cars that are part of the day tours of the area so be careful when driving. The first attraction you will reach is the natural rock pool at Angel’s Billabong, which is picturesquely framed by towering cliffs and an arch. When visiting at low tide, you will also get to see the ocean water flowing through the arched tunnel from the cliffs below.

Then continue down the road to Broken Beach, which is another utterly incredible “cliff beach”. If you want to take a break from climbing stairs you can head to the nearby Mesare Resort for lunch and a pool. It’s a great spot to rest and relax after a long day of sightseeing. There are also a few tree houses around the area for those who are interested in sleeping with a view of this breathtaking scenery.

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