Sweaters are a classic piece of clothing that can go with almost any outfit. They can also be a practical addition to an organization’s uniform program. When constructed of high-quality materials like COBMEX’s Durapil and Durapil Ultra yarns, they retain their hand feel and luxurious appearance wash after wash. This reduces the need for frequent replacement and cuts down on overall costs.

When shopping for sweaters, it is important to look for natural fabrics, especially wool or cotton. These materials are better for your skin and will keep you warm without overheating you. They also resist excessive pilling. Avoid synthetic fabrics, which tend to be less comfortable and can make you itchy.

There are many different types of sweaters, but the classic pullover is the most common choice for casual wear. This style of sweater features ribbing at the collar, hem, and cuffs for a comfortable fit. It can be a V-neck, turtleneck, or crew neck depending on your preference. It also has a loose, open front and may have buttons or toggles to fasten it.

Other sweater styles include the gansey, which was developed by fishermen in the Shetland Islands to be both hard-wearing and colorful. This knitted sweater has a distinctive pattern across the yoke, usually featuring a design specific to its wearer’s village.

Another popular sweater is the shawl collar, which is often worn with a blazer. This style of sweater has a wide, shawl-like collar that can be crossed or uncrossed to form a v-neck.

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