Trickles of traffic? Or floods of traffic? When it comes to YOUR YouTube promotions, what’s the difference?

Why is it that some videos can generate millions of views, some thousands, and yet some can barely get a few dozen views?

Really it comes down to one MAIN thing, and that’s promotion. But that’s not where it begins.

YouTube traffic is important for many reasons. One is that it’s FREE. If your video content is right, then the traffic is targeted too. And just like in article marketing, once it’s up and generating traffic, it’s there for the long haul.

Now, yes, when it comes to online marketing we hear the phrase “content is king” over and over again. Just how much WE have to pay attention to that really depends on where we’re at today.

The reason content is KING is because you have to produce a product people want – a blog that visitors will read, and a YouTube video that people will watch.

Okay, let’s assume all of that is in place. How do you get from hundreds or thousands, up to millions of views? The key is to be placed on the first page of YouTube. When YouTube’s default page loads, they show the MOST-VIEWED videos. So if your video has been displayed only 50 times, then you’re not gonna be on that first page. PERIOD.

Here’s where a bit of promotion comes into play.

Step 1. You have contacts? An email list? A forum that you’re a member of? These people need to see your video. And your friends and family are typically pretty easy to enlist. So tell everyone you know … And chances are good you’ll be able to get your views up to several hundred, or higher, in the first few hours.

Step 2. Links. Blogs that you have editorial control of MUST have links to your YouTube video. Why did I say MUST? Because for the two minutes it will take for you to make a post on YOUR blog, you now have an inbound link. Again try to get as many as you can in the first 24 hours.

Step 3. Comments are important. Other users of YouTube have the ability to post comments about your video. In reality, it doesn’t matter whether the comment is positive or negative. And be sure to reply to every comment someone makes. To start the ball rolling, go back to your friends and family and ask them to post a comment. As in the other two steps, comments will also increase your popularity. Sometimes being controversial is beneficial, or even to reply saying the completely unexpected. For example, someone hated your video – and you thank and compliment them.

Step 4. Go viral. Okay, do you REALLY GET what this means? Viral means hundreds of thousands of people are promoting your video for you. You don’t have to lift a finger.

There are two reasons why a video will go MASSIVELY viral. One reason … The content is so informative that people love it and want to share. But the MAIN reason is ENTERTAINMENT VALUE. When you make people smile and laugh they want to share it with somebody else. Most videos will never get truly viral to this point. But once it happens it has a snowball effect. More views means you’re on the first page of YouTube. And of course being on the first page means more views.. buy youtube watch time

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