Aesthetics is the study of beauty and taste; “Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction”; as described in “Wikipedia”

Therefore one man’s idea of beauty is another man’s distaste.

The Makololo tribe of Malawi South Africa wear lip plates in the upper lip the size of dessert plates.The African explorer Dr Livingston had once asked a Makololo Chief what the purpose of this plate was and he replied “For beauty, they are the only beautiful thing women have.”

In one society a lip plate is deemed repulsive in another it is beautiful. It is all what our social environment has deemed the criteria for beauty; whether it be in art, fashion, music, design, jewelry etc.; it is the culture that defines the criteria of what is beautiful.

In the wedding industry there are many areas one can say there is beauty. From the gown to the table decoration to the venue or to the wedding cake. There are also price tags attached to each element that range from the simple to the sublime.We are focusing on one area of beauty; the wedding cake.We will make some suggestions to cut the cost of this area while maintaining the “Aesthetic” of the product.

The wedding cake is one area that can become a very costly element of the wedding. The trends for wedding cakes range from elaborate fondant creations to hand painted works of art. With the exposure of the new cake shows like “The Cake Boss” and “Fabulous Cakes” we are all becoming more sophisticated in our selections. One trend is about making our wedding cakes a reflection of our own personal style.The trends are not the old tall white cake with ruffles.These new cake are either topsy turvey cakes, elegant fondant creations or tall multi tiered towers. With a simple tier cake, whether its 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 tier, the price tag can be reduced substantially be adding sugar diamonds or crystal rhinestone banding. Sugar diamonds are an elegant addition to a very simple cake and transforms it into a work of art. The same can be said for crystal rhinestone cake banding.

For the cost conscious bride our suggestion is to have their baker do a simple tiered wedding cake and add Crystal Rhinestone cake banding or sugar diamonds around the base of each tier. This is all you need to turn a simple white tier cake into a stunning masterpiece. Eliminating the elaborate decorations that would normally be done by your baker will cut the cost of the cake substantially.The best crystal rhinestones come from the Czech Republic and are as brilliant as Swarovski Crystal.

A wedding cake can range from $1.50 per slice up to $15 per slice depending on a variety of factors.The area that adds the most cost is the decoration. A 6 tier cake for 200 people can be expensive without any decoration. Depending on the elaborate design this price can rise substantially. diamond painting zubehör

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