Family mediation is a non-adversarial process for discussing and resolving issues that commonly arise during separation, divorce and parenting. It involves a trained, impartial mediator who aids discussions between the participants with the goal of helping them settle matters in ways that suit their specific circumstances. Mediation can take place online, in person or over a phone call and both parties and their lawyers can attend.

It is a much faster and more cost effective process than going to court. It can also be far more flexible, and the participants are able to decide what arrangements will best suit their needs. This flexibility can be particularly useful for co-parenting, ensuring that the parents are able to find solutions that are tailored specifically to their unique situation. It is also often more effective in terms of preserving and improving the relationships between the parties.

It is important that individuals enter the process with a positive mindset, and are willing to cooperate and compromise. They should be prepared to talk about difficult topics and may need to seek legal advice before attending mediation sessions. It is also crucial that they understand the limitations of mediation and the impact it might have on their case. Having realistic expectations and preparing in advance of the session can significantly improve their chances of success.

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