One-north is a 200 hectare mixed-development project conceived as a work, live and play environment to catalyse Singapore’s shift from a manufacturing-driven economy to a knowledge-based one. Designed around industry-focused clusters, such as Biopolis, Fusionopolis and Mediapolis, one-north aims to transform the city’s economic landscape into one that is knowledge driven by the capabilities of science, engineering and information technology.

The area has been lauded for its innovation and research breakthroughs, attracting some of the world’s leading scientific minds and laying claim to a number of major technological advances. Unlike the traditional business parks in Singapore, one-north is built around industry-focused clusters and supports a dynamic ecosystem to translate research into commercial value.

A vibrant technopreneur community has sprung up across one-north, generating leasing demands and driving capital appreciation for investors. The district has seen numerous start-ups set up shop and a number of global firms establish headquarters in Singapore.

Grab, a ride-hailing company, opened its first office in one-north in 2012. The company has grown rapidly and has become the most popular ride-hailing service in Singapore. The firm has hired more than 2,000 local workers in the past few years, and is planning to expand its operations in the future.

Despite the economic downturn, Grab is still hiring new people as it plans to grow its local tech talent pool. It is also expanding its services to cover areas such as food delivery and financial services, which will require more local tech talent.

One of the reasons why Grab chose one-north to launch its offices was because it wanted to be a part of the community. The ride-hailing firm has since forged strong ties with local companies and is now a prominent player in the local tech sector.

Another key factor for Grab’s choice of one-north as its home was its proximity to the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Science Park. The two institutions are located just a short walk away from the business park and offer an array of education, research and training opportunities.

Many other large international firms have also opted to set up their headquarters in one-north, including Microsoft and Google. The presence of these global players in the area is an indication of the potential for growth and a boost to one-north’s economy.

In addition to the major players in the sector, there are a growing number of young, talented and ambitious startups that have also chosen to base their businesses in one-north. JustCo, a co-working space for startups and young entrepreneurs, has a location at Razer’s HQ in the one-north district.

It is an ideal place for these start-ups to work and meet other like-minded individuals who can help them with their business development initiatives. The co-working space is also a great way for these start-ups to showcase their products and services to an audience of investors and venture capitalists.

One-north is a place that attracts not only a vibrant tech community but also an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life. This community-centric approach has helped the district achieve its goals and it continues to thrive today. the hill one north condo

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