Salesforce is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. As it gains traction across industries, so does the demand for developers who can build apps and tailor Salesforce to each client’s unique needs. While some recruiters rely solely on their in-house IT team to fill salesforce developer vacancies, it’s also important to have an open mind about the qualifications needed to succeed in this role.

To be successful in the salesforce developer recruitment process, candidates need to have a strong understanding of Salesforce’s main components and programming languages like Apex, Visualforce and Lightning Component Framework. They should be proficient in the UI development frameworks of HTML and JavaScript as well. In addition to their technical knowledge, they must be able to communicate clearly with members of software development, UX and UI design teams as well as the c-suite to discuss their projects.

While you don’t need a college degree to become a salesforce developer, you must pass official paid-basis exams to become certified in the Salesforce platform. This shows employers that you have the necessary skills to do a job and can be a powerful selling point in the hiring process. Additionally, many senior Salesforce specialists have managerial responsibilities and oversee several junior employees so it’s crucial for candidates to be comfortable working from home or at their own desks. Other soft skills that are beneficial include stress resistance, attention to detail and efficient time management. salesforce developer recruitment

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