Ruqyah is the practice of warding off evil eye, jinn and black magic through the recitation of Quranic ayat. It can also be used to treat illnesses and pains. If you feel nauseous after performing Ruqyah, that is a good sign that the evil is being banished.

One does not need to be skilled to perform ruqyah. However, there are many imposters who make false claims.
It is a form of prayer

Ruqyah is a form of prayer that can treat many spiritual ailments. It involves reading verses from the Quran and reciting certain supplications that are effective in expulsion of spirits or negative energies. Moreover, it can also protect against jinns or sihr, which are black magic and witch-craft sent by the enemy. In addition, it can also help cure illnesses and diseases.

During ruqyah, the person should remain calm and focused on Allah. He should also keep in mind that the results of ruqyah depend on his faith and concentration. He should not be influenced by laughter, uproar or hubbub. It is recommended to recite the Quranic ayats 3 to 7 times with absolute concentration and conviction.

Some ruqyah performers write a few ayats of the Quran on a piece of cloth and burn it. They claim that this will burn or suffocate the jinn. However, this practice is haram. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to gently beat epileptic people with his hand or with part of his garment.
It is a form of healing

Performing ruqyah is a good way to heal yourself and others. It can be used to treat black magic, jinn possession, and evil eye symptoms. It also helps to increase our Iman and Taqwa towards Allah Almighty.

While performing ruqyah, it is important to keep in mind that Allah swt alone has the power to cure us. It is also a good idea to avoid committing sins and to do good deeds. In addition, a person should make sincere istighfar and give sadaqah to others.

Ruqyah can be done with different things, but it must be with the speech of Allah (Qur’aan) and his names and attributes. It must also be in the Arabic language, or what is known to be its meaning in other languages. Lastly, it must not include taboos or expressions such as swears and curses. It must also be performed in a clean place, with clean clothes and water. During the healing process, a person may experience tightness in their chest or have difficulty breathing. This is a sign that the bad spirits are being removed from the body.
It is a form of protection

If you feel tightness in your chest or have difficulty breathing after the performance of ruqyah, it is a good sign that evil is being put away. You may also experience an irregular heartbeat, but if this happens, it is best to stay calm and breathe deeply in order to avoid hyperventilation. Moreover, if you feel nauseous and vomit, it is another good sign that the ruqyah is working.

Ruqyah is the Islamic practice of controlled expulsion of spirits or negative energies by reciting verses from the Quran and general supplications of healing and support from Allah. Some people even use a mixture of different verses and techniques to increase the effectiveness of their Ruqyah. However, it is important to remember that Ruqyah is only effective if performed correctly and without shirk. There are many hadiths that relay the importance of using ruqyah as part of protection and worship. However, it is not a cure for physical ailments and should only be used as a complement to proper medical treatment.
It is a form of worship

Ruqyah is a form of worship that can be used to protect against spiritual and physical harm. It involves reciting the verses of the Quran and adhkar according to Sunnah. You can also use it to cure ailments and help you build a stronger Iman and Taqwa in Allah Almighty. It is also a good way to increase your knowledge of the Sunnah and the Quran.

It is important that ruqyah be done correctly, otherwise it may do more harm than good. For example, some ruqyah performers beat epileptic patients or use suffocation on them. It is important to understand that these practices are major sins and they can cause great harm to people.

It is also important that you know that ruqyah is not a magic spell. It is a supplication to Allah the Almighty, and He has absolute power over everything. If He responds to it, He will remove whatever has harmed the person. what ruqyah mean

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