white fox snus is a tobacco-free brand from the Swedish manufacturer GN Tobacco. They produce nicotine pouches without tobacco that work just like traditional snus.

The red box named White Fox Full Charge offers strong mint flavours with a refreshing taste and a powerful nicotine level of 16.5 mg/g. This all white portion snus comes from the same factory as Siberia and Odens snus.

Double Mint

White Fox Double Mint is a tobacco free nicotine pouch that provides you with an extra strong kick of menthol and mint combined with a fresh blast of invigorating flavour. This product is a GN Tobacco bestseller with a smart size and a high nicotine strength of 12 mg per portion.

The portions are made out of a special fleece material that optimizes your snus experience. The material is also designed to prevent discoloration of your teeth and to drip very minimally, which lengthens the release of nicotine and flavour. The slim all-white portions are very discreet and fit comfortably under your lip.

To use, just place the chew bag under your upper lip where it will slowly release nicotine and flavour over 45 minutes – no need to bite or suck on it! Once the chew bag is done, simply put it back in its can and dispose of responsibly.

The manufacturer GN Tobacco, is known as true innovators within the nicotine pouch industry and has been active in the Swedish snus market for over a decade. Their products are developed with dedication and commitment to continuous innovation. Their latest products, Full Charge and Double Mint, were launched in quick succession demonstrating this commitment to continuous development and meeting customer demand for high quality alternatives. If you love this snus you can find more from the brand in our shop including White Fox Black and Peppered Mint.

Full Charge

White Fox is a tobacco-free nicotine pouch brand from Sweden and their products are made in a smoke-free facility. This makes their snus a good choice for people who want to quit smoking but still have a need for nicotine. The products from White Fox are also known for their great mint taste and no teeth staining. The nicotine content in their nicotine pouches is between 16 and 16.5 mg/g and they come in slim or large formats. Their range of flavours is small and includes White Fox Double Mint, which combines spearmint with a fresh and cool feeling, and Black, which has a more traditional tobacco-like experience.

GN Tobacco, who manufactures the White Fox brand, has also been involved in the Swedish tobacco market for over a decade and they are well-known for their nicotine pouches. They are a popular alternative to chewing tobacco and they are easy to use, just place the nicotine pouch between your gums and your upper lip. This will activate the product and the active substance will start to spread.

The main difference with the other nicotine pouches on the market is that they are tobacco-free and they use a special kind of fabric to form the pouches, which makes them soft against your gums and optimised for fast and lasting nicotine delivery. This is why they are also referred to as “smoothie” snus and they are a very comfortable way of getting your nicotine fix.


White Fox has developed a range of nicotine pouches, which are completely tobacco-free. This means that you experience the same minty fresh sensation, but without risk of your teeth becoming stained. These nicotine pouches are made from special fleece and are very easy to use, and they fit comfortably under your lip. The White Fox products also have a high nicotine level and the flavours are enhanced with natural essential oils, which gives them a little extra kick.

The Blue can in the White Fox range is called Full Charge, and it has a strong flavour and a high nicotine strength. The portion is long and slim, and it has a good fit under your lip, which makes the snus experience comfortable and discreet. This flavour has a spearmint taste, and it is enriched with natural essential oils to give you a great experience.

The Black can in the White Fox range is an extra-strong nicotine pouch with a dark tobacco flavour. The extra-strong black snus has a flavour that reminds of dark tobacco and rose petals, and it is one of the most spectacular flavours from White Fox. This snus from the brand GN Tobacco, which is known for Oden and Siberia snus, has a unique taste that stands out in the tobacco-free market. The cans are also stylish and come in a variety of colours, so you can find your favourite.


The HIT nicotine pouches by White Fox are soft and comfortable to put under the lip. The fleece material quickly begins to secrete nicotine when placed under the lips, and is designed to hold it for a longer period of time than traditional snus. The HIT tobacco-free snus is available in two different flavours, Double Mint and Black. The nicotine pouches are packaged in a stylish can, which makes them one of the best-looking snus products on the market.

Nicotine pouches without tobacco are a popular alternative to snus with tobacco. They are more discreet and do not leave a brown residue on your teeth. They also contain a lot of mint and other playful flavours, which gives them a fresher taste than traditional snus. In addition, they do not stain the teeth and do not cause bad breath.

The brand is owned by GN Tobacco, who is known in the Swedish snus market for their brands Oden and Siberia. The company has two modern factories in Enkoping and Bispgarden. They have recently expanded their portfolio with the addition of a tobacco-free snus called White Fox. This brand uses an innovative material in the nicotine pouches and adds essential oils to provide incredible flavour experiences. White Fox is an extra strong snus, perfect for experienced smokers who are looking for powerful sensations when smoking.

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