ZAZA Red 24Ct Extra Strength Tianeptine Capsules – 700mg Blend of Nootropics

If you’re looking to calm anxiety, reduce stress levels and focus, zaZa Red may be just what you need. The specialized mix of nootropics in these capsules can help you stay alert and focused without the crash often experienced with caffeine. Some people use this product as a study aid or to help them get through a long day at work. Unlike other kratom supplements, this one contains tianeptine (also known as zaZa or Tiana Red). It’s an atypical drug that isn’t approved in the United States and is referred to by some as “gas station heroin.”

Combined with kratom and phenibut, it can be dangerous. In addition to its sedating effects, it can cause withdrawal symptoms and addiction. It can also interact with certain drugs and cause toxic leukoencephalopathy, a brain condition that causes memory loss, confusion, seizures, muscle weakness and coma.

Kristin’s husband Jason brought home a paper bag full of zZa Red capsules after a night at the smoke shop. She took seven pills that night and felt great. But a few days later, she woke up in the hospital with an enlarged heart and severe abdominal pains. She’s in a rehab program now, trying to recover from the worst mistake of her life. Despite the dangers, zZa Red continues to be a popular headshop product. That’s because the company hides its ingredients behind misleading labels and a shady reputation. Its cheap tinted bottles aren’t child or idiot proof, making it easy for anyone to open and consume the hazardous substance. Zaza Red 24Ct

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